Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#ItsHotToBeCool. So Why Aren't People Getting The Message?

Summer has definitely arrived. With it, we're seeing the usual unwelcome news stories of animals suffering (and sometimes perishing) from Heatstroke.

Already this year, an Alabama police dog perished in a hot vehicle.

We've also seen images like this one of pets left in shopping mall parking lots.

Furthermore, we've had concerned citizens taking action, including one US Veteran who was arrested after smashing a window to rescue this dog. Charges were later dropped.

People are angry, and they aren't holding back their comments! Videos like this one from Pheonix, AZ show confrontations between angry pet lovers and irresponsible pet owners.

Year after year, we see the same tear jerking ads, desperately discouraging people from leaving their pets in hot vehicles. This summer, we decided to create a fresh, positive image encouraging people to keep their pets shaded and hydrated.
Our message: #ItsHotToBeCool!

We're also distributing 1000's of stickers of last year's message: #HotDogsAreForBBQs. If you'd like to purchase them in bulk, pop us a message for pricing.

Regardless of these successful campaigns, we still continue to hear the sad stories.

Why aren't people getting the message? What is it that they are missing year after year? Tell us what you think.

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