Wednesday, December 23, 2015

2015 Update To SAINTS Rescue From Tux

Today is the 3rd anniversary of our Tux's adoption from SAINTS Rescue. Each year we create an update to send to SAINTS. We also share with the public in hopes people will be consider adoption - especially senior adoption. Here is Tux's letter:


2015 was overall a great year. But I had some losses this year too and it was tough. I'm looking forward to sharing my 3rd year with my forever family with you.

On January 2, 2015, my big brother Buddy passed away. In 2 years, we spent a lot of time together doing all sorts of fun things.

Buddy was almost 17 years old and it was a really tough for all of us.

After Buddy passed away I wasn't completely alone. I still had my cats Kitty and Kermit. I have to admit, cats aren't my favorite animal on earth but they did their best to keep me company.

Shortly after Buddy passed away, Lisa went away to Thailand to volunteer at Soi Dog Foundation. While she was there, she fell in love with another senior named Dominic. In the Spring, he joined our family.

We did all sorts of fun things in 2015. One of my favorites is walking and hiking. I think I've pounded the dirt and pavement more in the past 3 years then I did in my previous 10! I always make sure to have a good rest at the end. I am 13 years old now afterall.

In the summer, we went camping several times too. We visit our family in the mountains several times each year and I just love it. Fresh air, clean water, and lots of fun hiking paths. It's the best.

Of course, over the summer I came to visit SAINTS at the Open House. Wow, was it ever nice to see my second family there. Jenn took a few photos of me while I was there. I couldn't help but dance for her :).

Since I've met my weight loss goals, every now and then I get a special treat. Sometimes I just help myself...but that's another story that I will keep to myself.

Unfortunately at the end of the summer, my new brother Dominic fell unexpectedly ill and passed away. It was a shock to us all and I still really miss him. We made a good team.

On a happier note, of course throughout the year I taught Pet First Aid classes & workshops to both kids and adults. I have a pretty cool job and I am quite well paid. Here is a photo and if you want to see more details, I have a separate Blog post HERE.

In October I did a Halloween contest photo shoot for my work. I think I make a most excellent super hero :). In fact, an illustration was made of me as one too!

Also in October I got a new rescue brother. He kind of looks like me and we get along really well. He's a shy boy and I think it helps having me around to protect him.

Anyways, just wanted to let you know that life is good. Really good. And once again it's because of you at SAINTS. You gave me a chance when others might not have. And you found me the right family.

Forever a SAINT!

~ Love Tux (formerly Joey)

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dogs With Jobs: Bet You Didn't Think Of This One

Dogs With Jobs. What pops into your mind? Police dog. Therapy dog. Drug-detection dog. Guide dog. But there's a job you may not have considered: "Chief Dog Officer" or CDO. Our CDO here at Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid head office is Tux. Here's a little introduction into what his job as CDO is all about.


As CDO, Tux regularly attends Pet First Aid classes and shows everyone the ropes. He's been doing this for awhile and as you can see, he's a pro.

Lap surfer

It's serious business keeping the course attendees happy and making them feel that they are receiving one-on-one attention. Tux does an excellent job of moving around the room and sharing the love.

Sometimes he even helps out with the exam!

Kids Camps

Tux volunteers his time regularly with BC SPCA teaching kids the introductory ropes of Pet First Aid. This might just be his favorite job since he loves children!

Event Host

Tux attends all sorts of public events as a host of the Walks 'N' Wags tent. There, he befriends pretty much everyone he meets and educates them about our program.

Tux participates as a model regularly for Walks 'N' Wags, for RC Pet Products, and has also graced Modern Dog Magazine. This Fall he'll be featured in our ad in Canadian Dogs Annual too! Here's a sampling of some of his work:

Loyal Supervisor

Tux ensures that everything goes smoothly both in our classes and around the office. In his role as Supervisor, he is a "hands on" kind of guy and always willing to help.

Recruiting and Training

Tux has a hand in choosing which dogs enter the Walks 'N' Wags family. We carefully present our case to him and he ponders his options.

Earlier this year, Tux approved the addition of Dominic. He taught Dominic the ropes at home first, and then eventually welcomed him to class.

Sadly, Dominic unexpectedly passed away. We all miss him but are ready to open our hearts to a new family member. Tux has approved our new friend Floyd, who will arrive from Soi Dog Foundation on October 26th. We'll keep you posted as to how his training goes!

As you have seen, Tux is an important fixture as Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid's Chief Dog Officer. We couldn't do what we do without him, and we will always appreciate his willingness to lend a hand wherever he's needed. Of course, being a dog, every now and then he falls asleep on the job. But we love him anyway!

Learn more about Tux and Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid via the following links:
Web site

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

#ItsHotToBeCool. So Why Aren't People Getting The Message?

Summer has definitely arrived. With it, we're seeing the usual unwelcome news stories of animals suffering (and sometimes perishing) from Heatstroke.

Already this year, an Alabama police dog perished in a hot vehicle.

We've also seen images like this one of pets left in shopping mall parking lots.

Furthermore, we've had concerned citizens taking action, including one US Veteran who was arrested after smashing a window to rescue this dog. Charges were later dropped.

People are angry, and they aren't holding back their comments! Videos like this one from Pheonix, AZ show confrontations between angry pet lovers and irresponsible pet owners.

Year after year, we see the same tear jerking ads, desperately discouraging people from leaving their pets in hot vehicles. This summer, we decided to create a fresh, positive image encouraging people to keep their pets shaded and hydrated.
Our message: #ItsHotToBeCool!

We're also distributing 1000's of stickers of last year's message: #HotDogsAreForBBQs. If you'd like to purchase them in bulk, pop us a message for pricing.

Regardless of these successful campaigns, we still continue to hear the sad stories.

Why aren't people getting the message? What is it that they are missing year after year? Tell us what you think.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Pet First Aid Awareness Month: The History of Pet First Aid

We're pretty sure most of you have taken a Human First Aid Course at some point in time. Maybe it's current, maybe it's expired (time to renew!) but you have done it at some point yes? Your reasons for completing first aid will differ. Maybe you did it because your employer required it, maybe you took Infant CPR before the birth of your child, or maybe you just felt that the skills could be beneficial one day. Either way, you somehow learned how to assist people in need.

Now, how many of you have completed a Pet First Aid Certification Course? Maybe you've just heard of Pet First Aid recently? Maybe you've thought about it but haven't gotten around to it yet? We all want to keep our pets safe and help them in times of need, so why is it Pet First Aid is such a niche course?

The answer to this question isn't as complicated as you may think. While Human First Aid courses have been offered for decades, Pet First Aid's history is relatively fresh. In fact, the first Pet First Aid course held in Canada (and to our knowledge North America) wasn't until 1994. The idea behind Pet First Aid training was inspired by Ethne Dickinson of Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Both a Nurse and a Human First Aid training provider, Ethne had the unfortunate experience of running over a dog with her vehicle. Stepping out onto the road, Ethne was faced with a growling dog who looked quite different from her usual patients. Ethne did her best to assist the dog; however, it eventually died from its injuries. The experience stayed with Ethne and as an animal lover herself, she decided she should learn some animal first aid skills.

Ethne did some research and discovered that she was unable to find any courses offering first aid for animals. Every corner she turned she was faced with a dead end. Finally, she decided she would simply have to design her own program. She recruited a group of Veterinary professionals who together spent 18 months designing the Oakland Educational Services Ltd. "Pet First Aid" program. Ethne started teaching the program in Calgary, and soon found she was sought out across the country.

Ethne has since retired, and passed along her knowledge and program to Walks 'N' Wags back in 2007. Since that time we've updated the curriculum, expanded to offer our program in more than 100 Canadian locations, and we are actively expanding into the United States.

If you'd like to learn more about the history of Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid and our founder, Lisa Wagner please visit our Blog Post "A Career Unchosen: How I came to work in Pet First Aid". You can also keep in touch with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

We welcome you to contact us anytime to learn more about Pet First Aid. After all, it is Pet First Aid Awareness Month! What better time to get yourself signed up for that course you were thinking about taking. Our in-class programs can be found HERE and Distance Learning is available worldwide.