Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Instructor Profile: Heather Rankin of First Aid "Fur" Pets Preventative Care Centre, BC

Heather Rankin has been a Walks 'N' Wags Instructor since completing her training in summer 2011. Although most of her courses are in BC's Fraser Valley and Burnaby BC, since that time, Heather has travelled all over the province offering Pet First Aid courses wherever she has been needed.

We have found that Heather is not only committed to readily offering the program but she is also very energetic, fun, and inspiring. You also may have seen Heather at many local Pet events sharing information about Walks 'N' Wags with local animal lovers.

Here, Heather shares a little about herself:

"Growing up with an Irish ‘terror’ terrier from puppyhood, and having experienced the aftermath of seeing him jump out of, and back in through, a closed window – was an unexpected experience that could happen to any pet owner. The resulting injuries required a successful trip to the veterinarian. Hearing of Pet First Aid, years later, prompted me to become a Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Instructor, so that others would learn how to cope with unexpected incidences with animals, especially cats and dogs.
This knowledge would have been useful throughout all the years of having lived with a variety of animals: a stray cat, a Greek tortoise, an English hedgehog, twenty budgerigars, the dog, the school science lab’s stick insects, a Rex rabbit, and a couple of box turtles.

Even as a young child on holiday, when a donkey mistook my hand for food, chomped on it, and swallowed it and my arm with it; I fed him again at the field on subsequent days, without fear. I recall, also, going within an arm’s length of a Guillemot, until a brash approaching cameraman caused the bird to dive back into the sea at the Giant’s Causeway, Co. Antrim.

From childhood, animals of all kinds have fascinated me, though years later, I realized that becoming a Veterinarian would be best left up to others. Instead, a career in teaching and another in art, followed. Both have been useful in delivering the Walks ‘N’ Wags first aid course throughout BC, from the Lower Mainland to Clearwater, and Kelowna, BC, to name a few.

My time is divided between teaching and marketing the course, private tutoring in the Vancouver, BC area, writing ESL books, and occasional article writing in magazines and newspapers, and keeping up with the necessary bookkeeping.

I look forward to meeting many more people who are interested in taking the initiative not only to prepare themselves for emergency situations with animals, but in gleaning from the course some knowledge of early detection and prevention of illness and disease. I thoroughly enjoy meeting all the participants with their dogs and having the opportunity to share this important skill and information, as well as learning from you all. Thank you!"

We sincerely appreciate Heather's enthusiasm to share her knowledge and hope that she will be with the Walks 'N' Wags family of Instructors for many years to come.

If you are interested in taking a course with Heather, she can be reached at: and has upcoming courses in Surrey, Cloverdale, South Burnaby, and Whistler BC.

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