Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Don't have supplies when you need them? Get creative!

I love hearing success stories that stem out of Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid Courses.

Today I received an email from our Ajax, ON Instructor Lynda Kitson. She had found a large lost dog and was not easily able to lure it into her vehicle. Here is her story of innovation and quick thinking:

"I had an interesting situation early last week. I was on my way home from a doctor’s appt and on the last part of my trip, I rounded the blind corner and right next to the railway tracks 100 feet in front of me was a large white dog with no collar. She wasn’t injured, but was in a very dangerous spot. I called my husband and asked him to bring me a collar, leash and tons of treats. I finally got her to come to me and stay with me until my husband arrived. She was very scared and cowered when we tried to put the collar and leash on her. There was no way she was going to go into my car willingly and though she showed no signs of aggression, I knew because she was scared, she could turn on my husband if he tried to lift her in (she weighed 80 lbs). Unfortunately my car first aid kit was sitting at home because I wanted to check its contents before next weeks class, so I had no muzzle. I thought to myself “think Lynda, what else can you use to make a muzzle?” Then I saw it, cloth shopping bags! I have at least 10 of them in my car all the time for when I go shopping. So I grabbed a couple of them, tore off the handles, tied them together, and had my mouth tie! Another story to share at my next class!"

The lovely dog you see here has been cared for by Lynda's Vet clinic for the past week. If she is not claimed by tomorrow she will go up for adoption. One of the possible new homes...Lynda of course!

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